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Natural Diamond

The original in luxury and fashion, natural diamonds are carbon put under immense heat and pressure, mined out of the Earth, and cut into various shapes. They come in a variety of color intensity and clarity quality. Their price is among the highest in jewelry. A defining feature is their 10.0 hardness, making them virtually scratch proof.

Lab Diamond

Perfect replicas of diamonds, made through intense heat and pressure in a lab setting, with the exact same quality, hardness, and beauty as natural diamonds. They are more affordable than Earth-made naturals, and can be made with a wide variety of colors, including pink, yellow, and blue. In all ways except creation method, they are still diamonds.


A form of synthetic diamond, made of silicon carbide and made using the same heat and pressure method as lab diamonds. These stones are almost as brilliant as diamonds, with a colorful, fiery sparkle in light. The often cost less than a quarter of that of diamonds, and have a hardness of 9.5, making them the highest quality diamond alternatives for the price.

Cubic Zirconia

Among the cheapest alternatives to diamonds, with a crystal-like structure, yet not entirely without worth. CZ stones are synthetically made using zirconium dioxide, with a low hardness and lack of brilliance in light, making them easier to scratch, but still impressive looking when applied to jewelry in large numbers.

Featured Products

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Repairs, Settings, & Modifications

Our store offers a variety of services for repairing jewelry, including setting stones, replacing broken prongs, and restringing pearl and bead necklaces! Our jewelers have over 20 years of experience in hands-on work, and can be entrusted with putting back together with the things you love!

Make Your Jewelry Your Own!

Do you need a ring sized up or down? A necklace length changed?  A completely new custom design? Bring in your ideas and let us make your jewelry truly feel yours!