Services & Repairs

Our Jewelers have over 20 years of experience in a wide range of jewelry services In addition to custom CAD and design work, we have hands-on skills in setting stones, sizing rings, repairing broken chains, and polishing older jewelry for a new shine!
Feel free to watch the videos below to see our jewelers in action! Many repairs are completed using our laser welder, a much more accurate method than torch welding.

Signet Repair: Taking a gold signet ring that has been cracked into smaller pieces and welding it all together. Finished with a polish, clean, and re-plating of the gold! 

Birthstone Re-Tipping: A simpler repair job, though no less important. Here, we take a ring set with multiple birthstones, one of which is missing, and all of which have worn out prongs. We use gold wire and our jewelry laser to renew the prongs, set the new stone, and finish it with the usual clean and polish!